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Video Conference Terminals for Small Business

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Phria P1 - The HD Video & HiFi Audio Tabletop Conference Pole 

"You'll Experience 

Conference Calls

Like Never Before"

€210 EU

£190 UK

$230 USA


All Prices excluding VAT /Sales Tax

3 Year Guarantee

1st Year Free Replacement 

Ideal For Online Meetings for 2-6 people

USB Plug & Play


Works with your Favorite Online Conference Platforms

Broadcast Quality HD Camera

The integrated super wide-angle High Definition camera provides a broadcast quality immersive online conferencing experience. The iHD camera providing users with a high quality synchronized screen, the video image is sharp, clear and flowing smoothly. 

LED Wrap Around Fibre Prism 

A beautiful and vibrant continuous luminous LED wrap around fibre light alerts you about the state of your Phria P1  from any distance. You will have different visual alert states as to when it is connecting, when connected, volume controlled or or  muted.

123˚ Wide Angle View 

The Phria P1 boasts a 123º wide angle HD camera emulating the viewing angle of the human eye, with complete field of vision giving all users a flowing video conference experience. This means that the system provides you with 150˚ diagonal viewing angle. 

Capacitive Touch Audio Panel 

The audio control method of the Phria P1 is mounted on the front cover of the terminal with capacitive touch technology for volume up, volume down and mute functions. The hidden electrodes sense your finger and react to your command. 

High Fidelity (HiFi)  Audio 

The extremely powerful continual Full Duplex audio includes echo suppression and noise reduction abilities as it uses the proprietary algorithms. This gives you a voice call that is as clear as natural speech. With a 10 level audio volume control makes sure that all words are heard clearly. 

Adjustable Tilt Camera Dome

The Internal tilt hinge of the camera head is hidden inside the top body of the Phria P1 Pole and allows you to adjust the viewing angle of the conference depending on the number of participants.

360˚ Digital Microphone 

The 360º microphone picks up sound at distance of a 3 meters diameter. It is positioned ideally as a top-mounted ultra-sensitive omnidirectional microphone with strong anti-interference ability and wide range of sound pickup. 

One USB Wire Plug & Play 

A ‘one wire’ installation with the easy Plug & Play USB connection makes this terminal  a breeze to install and easy to  use without any complex driver installations. It also does not need an external power supply or batteries.The USB 2.0 connection works with Apple MAC or Windows. 


Phria P1 - The HD Video & HiFi Audio Tabletop Conference Pole  Images

Tilting Camera Dome 

'Mute State' Red Prism Light ON 

'On State' Green Prism Light ON 

Side View 


Your Laptop View

  • Low-Resolution Camera

  • Narrow-angle camera view

  • Tin Can Sound

  • One Person View

“Amazing video quality, big sound & very simple to use”


Jakub Bokoc

The Awesome Developers



How to stop the Conference Call 'People Squeeze' Problem


Finally, You can now stop the annoying problem of squeezing people together around

your laptop camera to make your online conference calls


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