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How to stop the Conference Call 'People-Squeeze' Problem


You can now finally stop the annoying problem of squeezing people together around

your laptop camera to make your online conference calls


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This letter will help you understand the amazing and affordable Phria P1, The HD Video & HiFi Audio Tabletop Conference Pole and help you with your buying decision. 


We have all suffered the same Conference Call ‘Team Squeeze’ problem!


You know how it is. Because your laptop camera is narrow angled, you and your team get on an online video conference call and then people must uncomfortably ‘squeeze in’ together around the laptop so that they fit in your laptop’s camera view, otherwise the other side can’t see them on their screen. Depending on your laptop, usually you can never have more than one other person squeeze in. 


It always feels weird and it also looks ridiculous and as the calls are very uncomfortable, making them sometimes ineffective. 


The Conference Call 'People Squeeze’ problem - solved


Easy ...Choose your favorite online conference platform like Google Hangouts or Skype and plug the only wire of your Phria P1 into your laptop’s USB. As the drivers are all built-in for both Mac and Windows, you just select the PnP Phria P1 as the output device in your settings and then the prism surround light starts to flash for a few seconds showing you that it's connecting. When it turns solid green, you are set. 


Then, tilt the camera dome to the right angle so that you and everyone is in the view of the camera lens and you are good to go.  

Everyone is seen and included in the call


The wide-angle technology of your Phria P1 almost matches the eye’s field of vision so that the party on the other end of the conference call can see you and every one of your team. 


A small pin LED light under the camera lens shows you that the camera is live and you will be broadcasting in ‘pixel-perfect’ broadcast-quality video producing a clear and flowing High Definition (HD) video experience that the people on the other end of the conference call will seriously appreciate. 


The Phria P1 also Sounds great 


Unlike your laptop speakers, the HiFi Audio will also astonish you when you hear it in comparison. 


A 360  ĚŠ Digital Microphone is top-mounted and picks up speech within a range of 3 meters/10 feet. The high technology proprietary algorithm makes certain that you do not suffer from echo problems as it is always self-tuning.


How do you control the Audio? 


During the call, you can control the audio on the capacitive touch front panel for 10 steps volume ‘up’ or ‘down’, and you also have a microphone mute function. No matter how loud you pump up the volume on the Phria P1, the sound is always crystal clear.  


Of course, you can always use your laptop volume control, the Phria P1 doesn't care, it will always sound great. 


Priced right and beats any competitor with a similar product


We compared the price of Phria P1 with the price of any competing product, you will pay 3X more and up to 5X more for an even lesser product.


The Phria™ brand is positioned in the world market as the ‘price leader’, delivering excellent high-quality products at the lowest possible prices. 


How do we do that? Well, we are an innovative and competitive high-tech company who wants to build its Phria™ brand by delighting its customers with great affordable technology and with that, win market share.


We back it all up with an Amazing GUARANTEE


We use the most advanced components and systems and back every Phria™ P1 with a

3-YEAR GUARANTEE.  That is not all; if anything goes wrong during the first year, we will replace it for you under this Guarantee with no questions asked. 


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Your Phria Team